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Blog, 2015-07-16 Married Affairs & Illicit Affair

Married Affairs

We don't frown upon a married affair. We completely understand that there are going to be times when someone just needs to do what feels good. Many women have even stated that they have had one night stands and married women are no different from men when it comes to craving a night of wild abandonment. Marital fidelity or lack of it has finally entered the consciousness in the last few years after a series of well publicized marital affairs of celebrities hit headlines. Married people from across the globe looked at the whole thing disapprovingly, but the truth is that many cheating spouses are more unfaithful than anyone actually realizes.

Illicit Affair

The term illicit will often capture the naughtiness that is involved in some extracurricular activities and it even explains why many people do it. Being straight laced and smart all the time can be a bit boring, and we all seek out thrills, that's just human nature. Life is short, but how many of us are actually encouraged to do what we want and to make it happen? The risk of it can be a turn-on, and for some that is the whole point of having an affair. Just make sure that you don't get too carried away, because getting found out isn't a good look for anyone.