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Blog, 2019-05-17 Increase your chances of an affair with these top tips!

So… you’ve signed up to nostringsaffair.com and after chatting with people looking for an affair nearby you’ve decided it’s time to meet the married user you’d like to get intimate with for a spot of casual infidelity. So far, so good! But now it’s the tricky part. You’ve reached the ‘bridge’ between arranging a naughty meet up in person and then actually getting them into bed with (hopefully) more chances of the same in the future as the affair moves forward and becomes a full blown fling. It’s critical not to screw up here, so read on for our advice on how to boost your chances of kicking off a hot affair. 1. Don’t mention significant others - it won’t do you any good to bring up their partner and you shouldn’t talk about yours. You’re both doing this to break free for a few hours and escape your ‘real’ life. Leave that behind and don’t ruin the mood by making your cheating partner feel guilty or have second thoughts. 2. Don’t assume anything - the online part is the easy part, getting laid will still take some work no matter how flirty your naughty cheater chat got when you were messaging each other. You’ve built the platform, but don’t get complacent now. 3. Avoid your phone - we know, it’s tempting to grab your smartphone every few seconds (particularly when you’re nervous) when you’re out with someone. But try to avoid this as it will look like you’re bored, worried about home or worse still, communicating details of your forbidden liaison with someone else. 4. Try to stay positive and fun - no matter how the first affair meet up goes, you need to remain cool and fun. As you know from your own married life, the reason you were both on No Strings Affair was because you needed something exciting and new. Dullness will not swing it here, be bold (but respectful) and take your chance to try the life not lived. 5. R-E-S-P-E-C-T - your chances of getting a repeat performance and setting up a full ongoing fling will be greatly increased if you treat each other with respect. This is even more important than on ‘normal’ dates, because here you’re both taking a risk to meet. If one of you wants to use a hotel rather than house, or wants to leave early, don’t complain. You’re only borrowing your sex partner remember, but if you treat them right they will come back for more fun.