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Blog, 2016-01-28 The case for Infidelity

Online dating has had its controversies since its rise to popularity, but nothing raises eyebrows like an affairs dating site.

The idea behind online dating is finding someone to match with – but the principle of meeting someone who has already found their “other half” is something that some people find strange. At NoStringsAffair.com we believe that to be a little short-sighted. We would argue that rather than tearing people away from love, we are helping to keep couples together by providing the kind of fantasies and excitement that are unlikely to be found in a long term relationship.

It’s not just about passionate sex without consequences or commitment, although that is a big part of it! But we find that our members join our site for more than hot sex with a stranger. Their aim is normally to save their marriage, not destroy it.

The key is to not get caught, that way nobody gets hurt. That’s where we come in - we pride ourselves on complete discretion for our affair dating customers.

Reasons Why an Affair Can Be a Good Idea:

  • A break from the norm – We’ve all been there, you’re stuck in a rut and there’s nothing worse than the monotony of going through the motions in a relationship. An anonymous one-night stand is an injection of something different to keep you going
  • Express yourself – There are certain things we’d like to try in the bedroom but wouldn’t dream of doing with our partner. Meeting a stranger for a ‘no strings attached’ affair is a chance to live out the fantasies you’ve been harbouring
  • Rediscover the “spark” – When it comes to sex, the passion has gone. Meeting someone in an anonymous and safe situation will add lust to your life, and could well have the knock-on effect of brining the thrills back into your relationship
  • Stimulation -  We’re not penguins. We need more than comfort and a cuddle. We need challenges, we need to push the boundaries. We need to be kept interested. Sex with a stranger brings the guilty pleasure that will get your juices flowing
  • Anticipation – remember that? The butterflies and daydreaming…that’s what you’ll rediscover each time you arrange a new hook-up
  • Strengthen your relationship – people do the wildest things to save their marriage; from spending fortunes on counselling to joining swingers clubs. If you believe that a purely physical affair is the thing that will help you stay emotionally loyal to your partner and save you leaving them, then surely it’s worth a shot
  • Fulfilment – with the list of advantages to adultery listed here, if you remain discreet and respectful, you will find the kind of fulfilment that you’re looking for right here

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