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Blog, 2018-08-02 How many women actually have an affair?

There have been many reports and posts published online regarding how likely women are to have an affair, and such investigation has increased with the growing popularity of affair dating and cheating websites.

One such article by Bloomberg, which analysed data from the National Opinion Research Center's General Social Survey, reported that women have more affairs now than ever before. Specifically, it stated that the percentage of wives having affairs had risen by as much as “40 percent”. It accepted that men do tend to cheat more, but clearly stated that “the gender gap is closing”. There is no doubt that websites for affairs are a major contributor to this interesting trend.

Another study on the number of women having affairs involved a poll of over 100,000 people and was carried out by The Normal Bar. Again, the proportion of women who cheat using affair dating websites and other means was surprisingly high.

All in all, good news for anyone looking to have an online affair!